12 Year Old British School Girl Has More Iq Than Einstein!

The IQ of an individual depends on many factors like surroundings, genetics, level of school etc. Parents should also give their children high-level school education, study environment at home and help children to take intellectual challenges in school, home etc. This will help the child to improve his/her intellectual power. In a more realistic sense, taking up challenges and self-determination is the vital key for the success. As said in the famous proverb, where there is a will there is a way.

I was astonished to see the news in a newspaper that a 12 year old school girl from UK

has more IQ than Einstein and Stephen Hawking.Olivia Manning, from Liverpool scored a high score of 162 in the Intelligence test, which is two points better than the great scientist Einstein. This gave her a position in the top one percent of intelligent people in world.

It is a great tribute to her school North Liverpool Academy in Everton. Olivia said she like challenges and making her mind to think. She admitted after discovering her score that she is having a talent of quickly absorbing and remembering new information. Obviously, it is a gift of GOD to Olivia.

Olivia is selected in Mensa because of her great score. Mensa is the largest IQ society in the world. There she will get a good intellectual environment. It is a

great honor to her parents.

On the contradictory, few people may not completely agree with the comparison parameter so called Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Intelligence is not just about analytic skills. The real time problems that human being face are not issues that can be solved in 30 seconds in a classroom. Thus, it seems unscientific to rate people merely based on their IQ test. In fact, it took couple of years for Einstein to prove a single equation.

Although the news looks like much hype, to compare a young girl with great scientists but it is a fact that she is genius and extra ordinary. I wish and hope she will bring great discoveries like eminent scientists in the near future.

Let whatever we call intelligence, brilliance, memory power or wisdom, all is gifted by God and one should try to enhance it and make use of it properly for constructive purposes. One should try the best to realize and utilize the inherited exclusive bounties. Reading books, magazines and newspapers, memorizing, taking challenges in intellectual activities, everything that increases the efficiency of the brain should be practiced. This will surely improve the power of the brain. One should often take IQ tests and check the level and try to increase it.

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