3 Significant Websites To Earn From Page Views

I am sharing my personal experience as an author and I hope this pretty information would be helpful for those who have passion for writing articles.


Wiknut is the best website for beginners. The things which make wikinut user-friendly are:

• The easy signup process of wikinut.
• The article approval process is very quick; the article submitted is reviewed and published within few hours of submission. This encourages author (especially new authors) to write more articles.
• The website has a good global page rank. Hence, one can get more traffic/ page views easily.
• The well- written articles gets star

page on wikinut, which is another type of motivation for the authors to write quality articles.
• One can earn by three ways on wikinut, writing articles, referring friends, and as a moderator.
• It has friendly community.

Although pay is low compared to other websites, but it pays in pounds. It allows republishing articles but should be original not copied. One should have at least 10 articles to earn regularly on wikinut.


Expertscolumn is the best website to earn from the page views.
The things which makes expertscolumn best website to earn are:

• The article in expertscolumn gets a good traffic and in addition it pays more for page views.
• The website pays upto 1.50$ for 1000 page views.
• The website also allows publishing 200 word-count articles.

/> • The article is published on the next moment of submission, but plagiarized or poorly written articles are removed later.
• Many websites that were paying for page views are now sharing Google adsense revenue and for this, one needs to have an adsense account. Fortunately, this website pays without an adsense account.
• It has a very friendly community.
• I personally feel the webmaster is much concerned about upgrading and improving the site.


It is an Indian website. It pays up to 2$ for 1000 views, but the rate keeps changing. It doesn’t allow republishing articles, only fresh articles are accepted. It also does not allow republishing the articles on other websites, which are once published on Expertswrap. It pays for referring friends. The minimum payout is 5$. It pays through alertpay only.

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Article Written By Mohamadi Quadri

Writing is passion and hobby of the author. The author has successfully contributed several articles on health related topics. The author has abundant useful content in various websites like Exposeknowledge, Expertscolumn, Wikinut ( Awarded Star Page). The author has also written few ebooks which are available at Smashwords, Apple, Barnes and Nobles etc.

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