Arranged Marriages Vs Love Marriages

The below article is based on comparison of arranged marriage and love marriage, which is best?

The below article is based on comparison of arranged marriage and love marriage, which is best?

All people have different types of thinking style, some think LOVE is everything, but some give priority to ‘life and then love’. ‘Life is a gift of god’, plan the life with a good partner, says arranged marriage.
A man is born as a baby, who was helpless; parents taught him to walk, eat, think etc, later he grew into a young man. When his parents taught him everything, they have right to participate in taking decision of their child’s marriage. Parents can only

take good decisions about children’s marriage as they have experienced there life and also think the best of child’s future.

There are many cases where love marriage’s fail, the divorce list is more in love marriage’s compared to arranged marriages. In arranged marriage, you can choose the partner according to you, who can lead a happy life with you. In love marriage, you don’t have option to think, as love is given priority.

In arranged marriages, both are as strangers to each other, after marriage there love starts,

they start to know about each other, they have many things to talk, they enjoy the sweetness of married life. Now, they start enjoying the cold breeze of road on a motorcycle ride, sharing of juice or ice-cream together.

In love marriage, the love seems to start before marriage but after marriage it starts to fade. In love marriages, they are well-known to each other, as they have met several times, gone on dating. Hence they are just completing the formality of getting married because already they are together all the time without marriage.

A person with an arranged marriage usually is a matured person. He took decision with maturity, which will give him a successful life ahead. He will carry the responsibilities of a family in a good manner, as the foundation of his life is built with maturity and responsibility. Obviously when foundation is good, everything will be good build upon it.

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