Fully-automatic Vs Semi-automatic Washing Machines

I want to share my experience of using Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic washing machines for washing household clothes.

Fully-Automatic Machines

There are varieties in it, from IFB to LG, SAMSUNG etc. These machines are expensive compared to semi-automatic washing machines. But, if you choose the one with low functions, like you can avoid the function of hot water, many functions for washing and so on, that will cost low. The machines with top door cost low, compared to old model machines like IFB with front door. The lowest functions machine will cost little more, than semi- automatic machines. But, you will be surely

happy for your decision of buying a fully-automatic machine. It requires you to just put the detergent, and set a function and start, the rest of the work is completed by it. It is very good for people suffering from sinus, because they have more chance of getting affected by sinus with cold water, by using this machine they don’t have to put hands in cold water to lift clothes to spin tub as in semi-automatic machine. And it is good for pregnant woman, as they shouldn’t lift heavy weight.

Semi- automatic machines

Many people opt for semi- automatic machine as it is low in cost compared to full- automatic. I say you

the fact that it requires more manual energy. It seems you are washing clothes in a machine, but you are doing a lot of work for it, you have to put the water in machine as it doesn’t take the water automatically. The clothes after getting washed are to be put into spin tub, which is the toughest job, as the clothes get heavier, by absorbing water. By lifting heavier clothes may lead to back pains and shoulder pains etc.


I prefer the fully automatic machines are best. As the job of washing clothes is a routine, it should be made easier. It can be done easier only with fully-automatic machines.

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