How To Be A Long-lasting Article Writer?

There are many ways to earn online. I prefer writing as the best way to earn online. But everything has both pros and cons. I want to share some pros and cons of writing online. I hope the tips could portray a safe zone for article writers.

Write articles of your own and avoid plagiarism. Selection of topic is always based on individual mindset and interest, it is better to avoid controversial religious or political issues that may hurt feelings of someone. Always avoid pornographic related content, though most of publisher rejects such articles, if by chance your article is published,

you will lose moral value among readers.


• Writing articles increases the power of thinking, as one has to think and write.
• It increases the fluency of English language. It also makes a person good in vocabulary and grammar of English language. As English language is an international language, speaking and writing English smoothly is always helpful.
• By writing articles, one learns to express his/her ideas, experience, emotions etc.
• Writing online gives popularity and exposure in the online world.
• Writing is very helpful and serves as good job especially for housewives and retired people as they stay at home and can work on their leisure. It also makes their mind think always, which is a kind of work, this avoids unnecessary thoughts, as it is well known ‘empty mind is devils workshop’.
• It is also good for students to share their knowledge and improve their writing skills, provided it should not affect their studies.
• Last but not least,

one can add some extra bucks to the pocket.


Any kind of work is good when done within limits, when it crosses the limits it leads to disadvantages. So, the cons are as follows:

• If a person gets more involved in writing and stays at home, he/she will soon become homesick and start avoiding interaction with people, this psychological complex result in irritation and feeling of fear to interact with new people.
• Sitting for longer hours will surely add up weight and soon one will be overweight, which every person hates. Overweight leads to many health problems like sugar, joints pain, heart problems etc. It is very difficult to loose weight once gained.
• Spending long hours writing articles may not give you sufficient time to spend with the kids and family. Hence, one cannot take care of the kids efficiently.
• Sitting long hours, typing and publishing online in front of the monitor will certainly affect the eyesight of an individual.

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