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I have joined the website couple of months back. A positive review about the website in expertscolumn prompted me to join it. I want to share my personal experience with the website.

This website pays for page views generated by the article. In addition, it pays for likes and comments generated by the articles. One can earn .01 per view and if someone likes and comments on the article then totally .03 dollars from one view can be earned. Isn’t it interesting? This made me to stay on the website and give an option to earn from the website. In the

beginning, I was not confident of getting payment. Hence, I wrote few articles and gave it a second choice of earning.

Therefore, I took a little time to reach the minimum payout, which is 25$. At last, after 60 days, I was able to reach my payout. Consequently, I requested my payout through PayPal. It also pays through Alertpay, cheque etc. However, to my surprise I received an email from the bubblews within 24 hrs. The next day, I was very excited and happy when I received my payment. This encouraged me to write more for Bubblews.

I again started my journey to reach my second payout. As I was confident about receiving

the payment promptly . I started writing posts almost everyday and also viewing others post. Moreover, I also started increasing my connections. Obviously, after spending time with the website and also views from my previous posts, this time I was able to reach the payout within a month. I was very joyful to reach the payout sooner.

This time after requesting a payout, unfortunately I did not get any email response nor the payment. However, still I have the hope that bubblews will pay me as it paid me before. The Bubblews moderators explained in one of their posts that due to large number of redemptions, they are unable to process the payments faster. Hence, I am patiently waiting to receive my payout.

Meanwhile, I am writing newer posts and also viewing others posts. I have written 84 posts for the website. It accepts post with 400 characters. If you want to join the website click here

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Article Written By Mohamadi Quadri

Writing is passion and hobby of the author. The author has successfully contributed several articles on health related topics. The author has abundant useful content in various websites like Exposeknowledge, Expertscolumn, Wikinut ( Awarded Star Page). The author has also written few ebooks which are available at Smashwords, Apple, Barnes and Nobles etc.

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