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I have recently joined the website. I wanted to share my experience with the website.

The website is very good for writers who want to earn upfront for articles. One can write articles and get paid within 7 days. On the other side can run campaigns and ask other writers to write articles on any topic of our interest. We can specify the minimum number of words and the price.

Benefits for the writers

On signup one will receive a bonus of 3$. This amount can be used to buy articles. There are campaigns frequently. The writer can participate in any campaign, and

get paid according to the number of words. For 30 words post, one is paid 0.25$, for 100 words articles 0.6$, and 500 words article 2.5$. It is a good opportunity for the writers who want to get paid upfront.

If the client (buyer) demands more words or content after completing the task specified, the author can complain to admin using a support ticket.

One should maintain a success rate of 70% to be eligible writer. The success rate is a parameter to check author’s ability, which is an outcome of ratings carried out by the client. The success rate decreases if the task completed is rated as ‘not-satisfied’ by the clients. Unfortunately, if the jobs are misrated one can

complain about it with the substantial proof.

The minimum payout is 5$. It  pays through PayPal, Moneybookers and Alertpay.

Benefits for the Buyers

One can order any number of articles.

One can get articles on any specific topic.

One can get unique articles as all articles are strictly checked for plagiarism by the admin.

The buyers can deposit amount to their account through PayPal, Alertpay and credit cards. One can deposit the amount by automatic or by manual method.

Other services

One can also ask for rewriting of articles, submitting articles to the various article directories or other tasks also to get the articles more exposure.

My personal opinion

This website is better than forum discussions, where one is rewarded points or few cents. And also better than microjobs websites where one has to visit the link provided, complete the job and then submit proof. Whereas on this website one can write just a 30 words post and submit it as proof. If you are interested in joining the website click here

Article Written By Mohamadi Quadri

Writing is passion and hobby of the author. The author has successfully contributed several articles on health related topics. The author has abundant useful content in various websites like Exposeknowledge, Expertscolumn, Wikinut ( Awarded Star Page). The author has also written few ebooks which are available at Smashwords, Apple, Barnes and Nobles etc.

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