When Is The Right Time To Start For Children?

The question is inflexible; I tried the best, to answer it. Below are some of the steps, every couple should take, before starting for children.

Advice of doctor

Consult a doctor whether your wife is physically fit. For a weak woman to deliver a baby,is risk to her life and also the child life. Make sure the woman doesn’t have more work at office or home during pregnancy.

According to the medical experts, the best age of woman to deliver baby is before 30 .As Doctor's say after 30s, woman with first pregnancy have less chances of normal delivery, they have to

go for complications, such as caesarian’s, therefore it is better to start planning for children before the woman cross age 30.

Take the decision yourself

'Children are gift of god’ is a well-known phrase, hence always be ready to except children. However, take decisions practically, concerning about yourself and the future child. Begin with questioning yourself; is it good time to have children? Whether the situation is favorable for the child to be born? Whether both of us really want a child? Don’t take decision on gossips of people, they may say, you were married so many years back and don’t have children yet. You are aged! When you will have children? People gossips, don’t have any stop, so never take a decision on it. If you are caught in a condition, where u are in dilemma, for it is right time and also on other side not, pray to God, to guide you for what is right.

Everyone is eager to listen to the sweet sounds, of their newborn child. Every couple is longing to make a home alive, by filling it with lovely talks of children.

When you feel you are secured

When you feel you are secure, you are accustomed to the surroundings; there

is somebody to take care of your wife before and after pregnancy. According to few expert mothers, the better place is native country rather than foreign country. In foreign countries if you are new, you will be unaccompanied, rare probability of someone to help you as compared to your native country. Unfortunately, there may be problem for your newborn baby passport, due to frantic policies of foreign embassies.

Ensure, your life is free of tensions; you are satisfied mentally, physically and financially. Start with a good guaranteed job or if you are financially fit to bear the expenses of your family and future child.

Time for child

Be sure, you can give ample time to the child. Mother itself can take care of the child perfectly. If you have passion for education and job, it is good that you complete your higher studies before starting for children, and then try to get a job that could require less time and make you can earn sufficient money. There is also a saying ''Home is the first School of child".


Try to take decision on your own, as children are your real assets and source of support in your lifetime, the delay or wrong decision in such an important issue should not make you repent for whole life, because ‘time and tide wait for none’.

Article Written By Mohamadi Quadri

Writing is passion and hobby of the author. The author has successfully contributed several articles on health related topics. The author has abundant useful content in various websites like Exposeknowledge, Expertscolumn, Wikinut ( Awarded Star Page). The author has also written few ebooks which are available at Smashwords, Apple, Barnes and Nobles etc.

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