Parents-the Greatest Gift Of God To Mankind

Thankful to God: Everyone should be thankful to God, you are lucky to call, beautiful word ‘dad’ and ‘mom’, which many orphans are unlucky about, and are longing for. They didn’t get the love of parents, which you are enjoying. ‘Parents are the greatest gift of God’ to man. Parents are in the heart of every child, feel it. Whether you are a great successful man like president of a nation, doctor or engineer, you are still a kid, in the eyes of your parents.

Love to parents: “Love your parents, as they loved you in your childhood”. If a thorn

pricked you, it used to prick them in the heart. If you were sick, they were all the time worried and caring for you. Imagine you are mother/father and think what you would expect from your child, and in the same way treat your parents. Every pain of you was, and is related to their heart. You may be busy in your work, wherever you are, whether you are in America, whether you are
in Africa, don’t forget your parents, who are in your heart.

Hopes of parents: Parents want the children to be successful in life, which is the main aim of their life. Hence, do a job which makes them happy and proud of you. Give time for your parents; take them outside for a ride or a hotel on weekends. Let they be freed, from there routine work at office/home.

Blessings of parents: Don’t hurt them, obey them every time. Never let them down anytime because of you. Make them happy with great achievements in life; these things can help you to take their blessings, which is the real asset of your life. The key to success is parent’s blessings. You will not achieve anything if you run with the world, without ‘parent’s blessings’.

Article Written By Mohamadi Quadri

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  • nbillett  26-05-2017
    Obeying parents is said to be one of the commandments and it comes with a promise. It tells us that as children/offspring we are to obey our parents. Why? So that we may live long in the land that God provides for us.
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